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3/8" Drive Non-Quick Release Ratchet Repair Kit

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Features and Benefits:

  • 84 tooth ratchet repair kit
  • 4.3 degree ratchet arc
  • 28% more access
  • Just like the 60-tooth model, the new 84-tooth ratchet has a low profile head (21% thinner than the competition) and provides easy access in tightly confined areas. It has ergonomically designed handles available in chrome or cushion grip and a high-visibility bright chrome finish that is easy to clean.
  • The new GearWrench 84-tooth ratchet is available in flex-head, offset, long-handle, and stubby varieties.
  • Improved Strength in.;"Improved access by 28% in.; "Low profile design"longer handles than Competition in.; "oversized contoured grip.